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Exercise Equipment

Health Fitness Machines with varying facilities and effectiveness,Fitness machines like Elliptical Machines are best suited for men and women of all ages and health conditions.

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Simulates Walking and Running with Zero Impact on Knees and Joints. 10 Minutes of work-out in Orbitrek Elite is 300% more effective than 10 Minutes of walking.

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Compact size

Ideal for even the smallest apartment. “Easy-Glide- Wheels” helps to roll it just about anywhere in your home.Burn a maximum of 820 calories in 1 Hour.

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It suits for all ages who critically struggling in obesity problems

People are highly benefited because of working out orbitrek elite routinely.

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Cardio Vascular exercise
Orbitrek Elite Results
Knee Surgery Use Of Orbitrek Elite

. I am using Orbitrek (Elite). As I am in business, I come home late (every day). So, I’ve started using Orbitrek in the mornings. It is very good (using this). I expect better results further. I use it for about 20 minutes every day. I am using this for about one and half months. In my house, wife is using this. And, my sons too use Orbitrek Elite.


In this machine, I do exercise 30 minutes morning and if get time do in the evening also. I do daily and got result. It’s a good machine I feel. Hope others also can find it useful. 1 year before I was looking like this in this photo. See my tummy! After using this machine I lost almost 20 kg.